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03 October 2018
How a Dewormer Works is Just as Important as Why
Sometimes, what is old is new again and we revisit the very compounds that have dramatically changed the way intestinal parasites are managed in horses. Including exactly how they work in the horse to remove the target parasites. One such compound,... Read More »

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12 November 2018
Pain Recognition and Management in Horses
Our horses may not be able to verbally tell us they are in pain, but most horse owners know when something is not right because they are familiar with their horse’s normal behaviors. While it is impossible to ask equine patients to put their feet up and... Read More »
17 May 2018
Merck Animal Health Introduces Updated Equine Influenza Vaccines
Merck Animal Health announces the availability of the next generation of influenza-containing vaccines for horses. Available in the PRESTIGE® line of vaccines, the new influenza strains represent the most current equine influenza protection available. Read More »
09 May 2018
Merck Animal Health Announces Perform with PRESTIGE Sweepstakes
Merck Animal Health has kicked off the "Perform with PRESTIGE®" Sweepstakes – a new online sweepstakes designed to educate horse owners on the risks of equine influenza and the importance of vaccination and to encourage them to visit their veterinarian... Read More »
09 May 2018
Staying Ahead of Equine Influenza
Runny nose, fever, cough, fatigue. Its flu season. Winter and early spring is the most active time of year for equine influenza, so its an important time to vaccinate your horse. And like human flu vaccines, equine flu vaccines must periodically be... Read More »
09 May 2018
We Love Mares
American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) Hall of Famer Corona Chick was a small brown mare who proved it didnt take a big horse to win a race. During her career in the early 1990s, she won 18 races, took second 15 times and placed third twice – earning... Read More »
09 May 2018
Equine Infectious Disease – Core and Risk-Based Vaccines
Two leading equine veterinarians and infectious disease experts discuss the basics of equine disease awareness and prevention, including important core and risk-based disease vaccination guidelines. Read More »