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07 June 2016
Disease Trends Reinforce Importance of Good Biosecurity
Several equine infectious disease outbreaks already have occurred in 2016. Quarantine measures and other steps to help prevent the spread of disease associated with these outbreaks have grabbed the headlines for good reason. Yet, many horse owners are... Read More »

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03 August 2016
As Temperatures Rise, Mosquitoes and the Diseases They Carry Thrive
Steamy August temperatures aren’t the only thing posing a threat to the health of your horse. August is also prime mosquito season, which means an increased risk of our horses contracting serious and often fatal diseases like Eastern and Western Equine... Read More »
14 July 2016
UHVRC Distributes 3,200 Complimentary Vaccines to Horses in Need
More than 180 non-profit equine rescue and retirement facilities in the United States recently received 3,200 complimentary doses of core vaccines through the Unwanted Horse Veterinary Relief Campaign (UHVRC). Supported in partnership by the American... Read More »
01 July 2016
Do I Need to Deworm in the Summer?
It depends. while summer is generally not a peak parasite transmission time in many parts of the country, some horses may require a more aggressive schedule that includes deworming during the summer. the key is to work with your veterinarian to conduct... Read More »
01 July 2016
Influenza Protection for the Performance Horse
Performance horses are unique. Their influenza protection should be no different. Because of your horse’s active lifestyle, his risk of contracting influenza is enhanced and his vaccination protocol will differ from horses that are home on pasture. Your... Read More »
04 May 2016
Respiratory Disease in Horses: Common Types, Significance and Prevention
Runny nose, fever, cough, fatigue. Respiratory disease complex – we see it in our cattle, but it’s also commonly found in our horses. Infectious upper respiratory disease can have significant consequences for our horses’ health, and come in several... Read More »
27 April 2016
The Danger of Ascarids in Foals
While all intestinal parasites are concerning, one of the most lethal threatens horses during their first 18 months of life. Ascarids, also known as roundworms, are migrating parasites that travel through the bloodstream to the horse’s liver and lungs... Read More »