Flu Avert® I.N.

For the vaccination of healthy horses 11 months of age or older, as an aid in the reduction of clinical disease and viral shedding caused by equine influenza viruses of both the American and Eurasian lineages.

ONLY Flu Avert I.N.:

  • Stimulates similar innate immune responses in equine airway epithelium as seen after infection with wild type influenza virus.2
  • Provides excellent EIV protection by stimulating local and systemic immunity.
  • Escalates mucosal immunity that is antigen (EIV) and non-antigen-specific and which could improve the horse’s defense against entr.y of other common respiratory pathogens, in addition to influenza.


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Administer a single 1 mL dose intranasally in one nostril. The dose is administered into the nasal passages with a special proprietary applicator.


1 Lunn DP, Steve Hussey S, et al. Safety, efficacy, and immunogenicity of a modified-live equine influenza virus vaccine in ponies after induction of exercise-induced immunosuppression. JAVMA. 2001:218(6):900-906.

2 Townsend HGG. Onset of protection against live-virus equine influenza challenge following vaccination of naive horses with a modified-live vaccine. Unpublished data.

3 AAEP Vaccination Guidelines available at