Flu Avert® I.N.

For the vaccination of healthy horses 11 months of age or older, as an aid in the reduction of clinical disease and viral shedding caused by equine influenza viruses of both the American and Eurasian lineages.

The Science of Exceptional

  • Just one dose required for primary immunization or for a booster immunization following any other equine influenza virus (EIV) vaccine
  • Proven safe and effective even in horses immunosuppressed by long-distance transport or exercise1
  • Intranasal route of administration leaves no risk for an injection site reaction
  • When the vaccine replicates in the horse's nasal mucosa, a rapid local immune response occurs. The horse develops an immune response that combats disease similar to when the horse is exposed to a virulent (disease-causing) wild strain of the equine influenza virus.
  • Rapid onset of immunity ‐ just five to seven days in naive horses2
  • Recommended for use during EIV outbreaks3
  • This vaccine is a lyophilized preparation containing an attenuated, cold-adapted, viable equine influenza virus type H3N8 strain (EIV A/Equine 2/Kentucky/91). Contains no preservatives.


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Administer a single 1 mL dose intranasally in one nostril. The dose is administered into the nasal passages with a special proprietary applicator.


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2 Townsend HGG. Onset of protection against live-virus equine influenza challenge following vaccination of naive horses with a modified-live vaccine. Unpublished data.

3 AAEP Vaccination Guidelines available at