Prestige® EquiRab®

This product has been shown to be effective for the vaccination of healthy horses 4 months of age or older against rabies virus. Duration of immunity for rabies is at least 14 months. For more information regarding safety and efficacy data, go to

The Science of Advanced

  • Effective in horses and foals age 4 months and older
  • Long lasting — 14 - month duration of immunity
  • Safe — 97.7% reaction-free in field safety trials
  • Convenient — just one dose for primary vaccination
  • Species specific — a killed virus equine rabies vaccine in a low-volume, 1 mL dose
  • Rabies is a core vaccination recommended by the AAEP vaccine guidelines and is indicated in the immunization program for all horses each year
  • Advanced filtration process through the Antigen Purification System (APS)
  • Exceptional safety profile with the smooth Havlogen® adjuvant


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For primary vaccination aseptically administer 1 mL intramuscularly. Revaccinate in one year and every 14 months afterwards. For more information on revaccination frequency, consult your veterinarian.