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The Science of Advanced

From the breeding barn to the show ring and everything in between, we have the vaccines you need to protect your horse.

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A vaccine can never be too safe. Our technology, known as the Antigen Purification System, has been utilized for more than 20 years to help remove extraneous protein and cellular debris. Using this method of filtration purification allows concentration of antigen while minimizing adverse reactions. By purifying the vaccines using the APS, we reduce the debris that can cause undesirable injection site reactions in the horse.


Our killed vaccines are highly efficacious in part because of our exclusive Havlogen adjuvant. Havlogen stimulates the immune system to produce high, long-lasting levels of protection through the slow release of antigen. Due to the composition of Havlogen, the vaccine maintains suspension and does not settle to the bottom of the vial — resulting in consistency and potency in every dose. By combining our APS system and Havlogen adjuvant, we are able to produce a line of killed virus vaccines that are highly efficacious and have an exceptional safety profile. The filtration technology used in manufacturing Havlogen is so advanced that it has been shown to be 98% reaction-free in field safety trials.


We stand behind our products. That's why we prove our commitment to the equine veterinarian, to the horse owner and, most of all, to the horse. Merck Animal Health will reimburse reasonable diagnostic and treatment costs, up to $5,500, for any horse properly vaccinated by a licensed veterinarian with one of our equine vaccines that contracts any of the corresponding diseases: influenza, rabies, tetanus, West Nile virus, eastern, western or Venezuelan encephalomyelitis, and Equine Herpesvirus 1 & 4 (respiratory).

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Get vaccinating right

Vaccination programs may vary depending upon needs specific to your horse. Considerations include: environment, travel, age, gender, use, and other factors.

Make sure you consult with your veterinarian concerning an appropriate vaccination program for your horse. Keep in mind that the plan should be re-examined as time and circumstances change.