The Right Care Starts Here

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Mare Care. Foal Care.
The Right Care Starts Here.

The Merck Animal Health Foal Care ProgramSM is a comprehensive guide to healthcare from pre-breeding through the foal's first birthday. The information you'll find here will help you with the little things like, "How much milk does a mare produce?" to the big things like, "When should I deworm my foal?"

Of course, the Merck Animal Health Foal Care ProgramSM is no substitution for the expert advice of your veterinarian. Together, you and your veterinarian can create a healthcare plan customized for your farm. And that's the best start of all.

Equine Care

Always check with your vet. Enter your mare's name and breeding date or your foal's name and foaling date and get a list of Equine Care Reminders to help keep your mare and/or foal healthy.

*Based on vaccinated mares

Foal Care

To a foal, everything is new. And how you handle him, feed him and care for him will lay the foundation for the rest of his life. That's why Merck Animal Health introduced the Foal Care ProgramSM to help ensure a healthy start for your foal.

Mare Care

Anyone who breeds horses knows that caring for a broodmare is completely different from any other horse. With every decision, two lives are affected, and each decision must be carefully evaluated.